The Company
ABB Construction

has been working in the PACA region since its creation in 2011 on diversified construction markets.
École Simone Veil, Carros - ABB Construction

Located in Mouans-Sartoux in the region of Alpes Maritimes, the company operates in an area ranging from Nice to Marseille.

Luis SOARES, Civil Engineer, manages the company with a team of engineers and operators with specific and complementary technical skills.

The mastery of construction techniques, modern means of production, and respect for the Quality; security and environment requirements, allow ABB CONSTRUCTION to accompany and satisfy its customers.

The company develops its activity in several fields, notably:

  • Public Equipment
  • Civil Engineering
  • Roads and Infrastructures
  • Buildings
  • Steelwork / Ironwork / Aluminium joinery (partnership with the ABB Group company specialized in this field – EME SINGULAR)

Thus the company can highlight the variety of its references, combining technicality, speed, and quality on public buildings, office buildings, parkings, collective housing, luxury villas, industrial facilities, and water treatment plants.

ABB CONSTRUCTION can operate on large and highly technical sites. The company’s structure generates excellent reactivity and flexibility, allowing the respect of the deadlines and the satisfaction of its customers.

We would be happy to put our skills at your service!

ABB CONSTRUCTION is part of the Alexandre Barbosa Borges SA Group (ABB SA 'Ltd.'), founded in 1968. Our objectives are the continuous growth in the national market and the international expansion, consolidating its position in these countries, and investing in the recent business areas where the Group operates, such as Environment and Energy.

The ABB Group includes a wide range of companies from different sectors of activity:

- Earthworks / Roads and Utility Services
- Public works
- Civil Engineering
- Real estate development
- Ready-mix concrete
- Pavements
- Energy and Environment
- Parking Management
- HVAC-Green Spaces
- Steelwork / Metalwork / Carpentry - Extraction and transformation of granite.

ABB is characterized by its financial strength, competitiveness, constant innovation, quality, respect for the environment, and commitment to the customer with a proven track record.
Luís Soares - ABB Construction
Luís Soares
General Manager
My career in the ABB Group began in 2005, after completing studies in "Civil Engineering".

In 2012, following the challenge set by our Chairman, I agreed to move to Cannes to develop the ABB Group in the French territory.

It was a demanding challenge and motivating, knowing that it was about developing a company in a "foreign" country, with different and complex working methods and requirements beyond the language barrier. All this required a lot of effort and investment from the whole team to reach this goal.

We have been able to adapt to the constraints of this new reality, and we have managed to develop the company in this context.

The company's development is based on the multidisciplinarity of the company, linked to the different areas of activity: Civil Engineering, Concrete works, Infrastructures and Steelwork.

We are proud of our achievements to date, which are as diverse as technical. We want to highlight the following projects:
• Parking Saint Nicolas (Cannes) – City of Cannes
• TGV Maintenance Center Level 2 (Nice) - SNCF
• ERDF transformation station (Aix-en-Provence) - ERDF
• Water treatment plant (Cagnes-Sur-Mer) - SYMISCA
• Simone Veil School ( Carros ) – City of Carros/AREA PACA
• Mouans-Sartoux waste collection center - UNIVALOM
• Base "FORCE 06" ( Levens ) - Département des Alpes Maritimes
• Nautical Center ( Vallauris Golfe-Juan )

Our participation in these projects has allowed us to consolidate our position in a competitive and technically demanding market.
We want to thank all the ABB team, customers, and partners.